May 8, 2015

LENOVO A8-A5500HV S029 Update (Final official update from Lenovo)

My favorite Tablet with 3G Voice/SMS/Data /WiFi but too bad it stopped at Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates only. No hope for Lollipop unlike ASUS models that came out the same time as this model.
Powered by MTK8382 QuadCore 1.3Ghz SoC is sufficient for its task. But it has decent specs unlike the later model Tab2 A7-30 which has poor camera specs even though it is on Lollipop now.

Lenovo A5500-F - Wi-Fi only (Mediatek MT8121)
Lenovo A5500-H - Wi-Fi + 3G (Data only)
Lenovo A5500-HV - Wi-Fi + 3G (Voice)

                             Recovery firmware SPFlashTool+ TWRP / HV only plus update S029

A8-5500F only KitKat firmware MT8121 cannot use on HV