January 30, 2016

MTK KitKat/Lollipop Full Language packs -89 languages & GPS

Install using TWRP or CWM

Full Western/Eastern European Language , Russian, Chinese China/Taiwan, Korean, Punjabi/Urdu, Vietnamese , Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia Filipinas, Full English language, Swahili, Arabic, Parsi ect., ect.

For A7-30 that has used my updated system files need not install this package.

This is a better settings for GPS on any MTK Devices (if not the best) it will get satellite lock in less than a minute  at 3-5 feet away from an open sky/window under a roof. But it cannot solve a hardware related problem! This is meant to IMPROVE the GPS tracking only not resolve a hardware problem..

GPS Settings for Europe/Asia

Taken about 4 feet away from window under a roof