August 7, 2016

Win 10 Millenial Edition ( ver 1607)

Win 10 Millenial update ( ver.1607)

For those that cant wait to get automatic update ,you can do it manually through Microsoft server download by installing this "Windows update.exe" (Win10Update_28084 anything earlier than this release might cause "error 0x80070057" unable to update) on their Win10 PC and running it.
1. It will check PC parameters for compatibility
2. Download the update ( about 2Gb) 
3. Installs the update.( make sure PC is plugged in)
4.Reboots ,restart many times till the whole update is fully installs .
5.Time taken from start to finish about 2.0 - 3.0  hours (with many auto restarts)

For now there is no official ISO image files (although I have an unofficial 32/64bit copies). All must be manually updated using the given app.

CAUTION !!: There are numerous reports about this early release Millenial Edition (as usually is with Microsoft, what else is new?) That the updates causes freezing of PC in some instances and users are warned to do a full backup of a 100% fully working Win10 OS version 1511 before trying to update to 1607 Millenial. YOU ARE WARNED! It seems that this "freezing" issues are with the initial release of 1601 versions but this update will install 1607. 

I have been on Millenial Edition and find it is hardly any hardly drastic changes to this edition than the already stable 1511. So I would say go for the update. But remember to do this after update to "cleanup system" files on your C:/ drive to free up about 1.6 Gb of storage space for the temporary download files and to free up a few hundred Mb from the "previous Windows" version files. It has been a good experience so far no untowards experiences. All I can say is it is very stable.

August 2, 2016

The Best Android device to device to PC file transfer


               Lenovo Shareit (highly recommended for any Android/PC devices)

The companion apps from Lenovo for sharing file beween PC and Android and Anroid to Android, highly recommended better than other wifi hotspot file transfer apps with PC app included. 
CLEANit a safe clean junk cleanup app companion to SHAREit.
SYNCit the latest version for Android with Lenovo ID backup files , pictures, contacts,Messages to Lenovo free cloud can be ported to other Android devices.