October 16, 2018


Regret buying Hom Tom phones. First if they released the phone on Nougat it will be stuck on Nougat with no hope of upgrade to Oreo or anything else upgrade or downgrade. Second the non removable batteries immediately after buying you are advised to buy a spare replacement battery immediately. Dont belief the reported battery life you should discount at least 40% from their official figures. The battery capacity reported is suspect to be st best 80% of its capacity.
Thirdly the camera sucks big time unless under ideal perfect condition which is in broad daylight. Under low light condition even in your house during day time your pictures will be grainy/ noisy. I can say with 100% confidence that my very old Lenovo S939 8Mega Pixel single lens camera beats Hom Tom multi mega pixel camera hands down in any condition. It probably uses cheap China CMOS camera that goes into toy cameras The second camera lens is for bokeh only but actually 99.99% of the time is non functional or is only a fake. I tried installing 3rd party cameras for nearly 2 weeks and found the best substitute camera app is only the MX Camera. It improves the picture quality but still dont see any benefit of the second or 3rd or 4th camera unless it combines all camera pixels into one composite pictures ( just imagine 30Mp + 16Mp+16Mp+12Mp! But you will never get that in a budget phone probably on high end Apples, Samsung etc)
I am not convinced about the 10,000mAh battery life as claimed I normally use the phone as my alternate "PC" writing blogs. That means I am nearly 9-10hours on the device intersperse with the PC by I normally start using at 7am and end at around midnite on the gadget. I normally would be at 20% at the end of the day. Even if on standby just sitting idle no in/out going calls within an hour the battery would already be at 98%.It is either my particular units battery issue or as many reviewers say the actual capacity is about 8,000mAh. But even at 8k mAh it is considered massive and should last at least 24 hours and a few days on standby.I am already thinking of buying a replacement battery.
Rooting is not a problem,I have done a complete instructions to rot and install TWRP.
My advise is to avoid Hom Tom, Leago, and other China budget brand which try to con you with their impressive on paper performance data! I bought HT70 because it is based on MTK SoC and I totally avoid anything else especially Qualcomm, Huawei Kirin, or Exynos. That is my opinion.