December 27, 2016



This one of reason I didnt want to waste my time modding ROMS based on CM or publicised the use of CM ROMs. I have never touched CM ROMs since the days of Android 2.2. about 7 years ago. now CM has announce that it will stop any future development of CM ROMs immediately.

I guess the financial returns is not there or the owners is taking a core group of his developer and be acquired by a phone company. Either way or nothing at all there will not be anymore CM ROMS. 
Good riddance as far as I am concern, although I know there are users who sweras by CM ROMs but I have always held on to the view that none of the CM ROMs works at 100% as per expected, the best I would say is 99%. It is not that the OEM ROM is any better or worst. But I would try to avoid any further anomalies on my devices. I want to enjoy the device instead of finding unknown bugs every now and then on my CM powered devices

December 18, 2016

How to change QQ Mail password

Tencent QQ Mail services

For those of you who is wondering why would you use a China based services there are many advantages to it most of the big names Internet service providers like Weibo, Tencent, Baidu provide decent services that are inter linked with one another like if you subscribed to any of their Cloud services and certain Messaging apps you can log-in using either one of the services. Much like linking your user account to some US services via Facebook, Google or Twitter acoounts.
I said decent services but not excellent (even US services are not excellent with probably Google as an exception) is because they provide most of their services in Chinese only interface and apps with a few exception like Web based QQ Mail which is my focus of this guide. Their access outside the China mainland (even within China itself I see a lot of complaints about slow uploads /dowloads) is horrendously slow and you will most likely get "404 Not Found" or "504 Gateway timeout" errors. That is the contras but on the plus side if you are a "librarian" type of guy who likes to store every bit of what was and is currently from your backups, 1970s PC programs, grandmas pictures and every scrap piece of info that you have read or written since childbirth, then you should try out Weibo or Tencent Cloud storagewhich could get you upto 10's of Terrabytes of Cloud storage. Just head on to their site and register thats the plus side.
Again I would like to warn you guys that the upload and download speed is slower than a modem connection. But overall most China Cloud storage services are "generous" but please try to use the welknown sites a sothers startup could close shop and with it all your files are gone.
So after setting up your QQ Mail account  and you have got your Cloud storage activated and you decide to change your password if you think it is straight forward ike Outook, GMail, YahooMail you are wrong. The Chinese has a peculiar way of doing things. normally you would go to settings "Accounts" and rest password but it took me on a roller coaster ride to a dead end. So the actual correct way is to go to QQ Security center best to do it from web base on PC and change. If you try to change it through the QQmail settings it will meet a dead end.

August 7, 2016

Win 10 Millenial Edition ( ver 1607)

Win 10 Millenial update ( ver.1607)

For those that cant wait to get automatic update ,you can do it manually through Microsoft server download by installing this "Windows update.exe" (Win10Update_28084 anything earlier than this release might cause "error 0x80070057" unable to update) on their Win10 PC and running it.
1. It will check PC parameters for compatibility
2. Download the update ( about 2Gb) 
3. Installs the update.( make sure PC is plugged in)
4.Reboots ,restart many times till the whole update is fully installs .
5.Time taken from start to finish about 2.0 - 3.0  hours (with many auto restarts)

For now there is no official ISO image files (although I have an unofficial 32/64bit copies). All must be manually updated using the given app.

CAUTION !!: There are numerous reports about this early release Millenial Edition (as usually is with Microsoft, what else is new?) That the updates causes freezing of PC in some instances and users are warned to do a full backup of a 100% fully working Win10 OS version 1511 before trying to update to 1607 Millenial. YOU ARE WARNED! It seems that this "freezing" issues are with the initial release of 1601 versions but this update will install 1607. 

I have been on Millenial Edition and find it is hardly any hardly drastic changes to this edition than the already stable 1511. So I would say go for the update. But remember to do this after update to "cleanup system" files on your C:/ drive to free up about 1.6 Gb of storage space for the temporary download files and to free up a few hundred Mb from the "previous Windows" version files. It has been a good experience so far no untowards experiences. All I can say is it is very stable.

August 2, 2016

The Best Android device to device to PC file transfer


               Lenovo Shareit (highly recommended for any Android/PC devices)

The companion apps from Lenovo for sharing file beween PC and Android and Anroid to Android, highly recommended better than other wifi hotspot file transfer apps with PC app included. 
CLEANit a safe clean junk cleanup app companion to SHAREit.
SYNCit the latest version for Android with Lenovo ID backup files , pictures, contacts,Messages to Lenovo free cloud can be ported to other Android devices.

July 5, 2016

Lenovo A7-A3300HV KitKat S024

Back by Popular demand.
with bloatwares remove during SPFlashTool reflash due to repairs or upgrade
and further bloatwares will be removed after installing "System" through TWRP.

May 18, 2016

Rock Chip Tablet Support

Rockchip is only well known for Tablet models. It has so far powered one of my 10inch tablet. The most interesting thing about this SoC was it was one of the first few ARM SoC who introduced 4 Cores design on my PiPO M9Pro Tablet. But for tablet I will select a Pipo either for Win dows or Android version as I noticed that most PiPo has got flash build in to their main camera.

(I am a moderator there , to participate or download files need to register)

April 17, 2016

Lenovo Phab Plus (uploaded)

The saddest thing for me is I am not too comfortable with QualComm SoC as, I dont have any experience with it. But after studying the methodology of Lenovo firmware using QualComm to "unloack" bootloader seems simple enough with a PC and then installing the TWRP (not for novices/noobs) and then installing SuperSU zip to obtain roots right at least I am willing to give this a try.
But I highly recommended product since it is a phablet.The specs is exciting enough for me.

February 4, 2016

Windows 10 Problems?

I dont know about your experience on Windows 10 ,
but I love it!
It is a fusion of Modern Metro UI plus the "old" Win 7 menu that makes me like it. Unlike Win 8 which forces you to use MetroUI.And this brings me to this issues with after market menu apps. I made a big fuss on IO Bit Start Menu add-on that comes free with Advanced System Care 8 before. With Win10 you dont have to have add-ons like this. My experience with IO Start Menu was that oonce it is installed it completely disable the Metro UI on Win10 (it was meant for Win8.1 but they advertise it as being Win10 "compatible")and even after uninstalling the app you can never be able to use Metro UI. That caught the attention of IO Bit and they promptly did an upgrade of their app but I never want to install ever again.
Therefore dont install any add on app to Win10 for start menu as it will disable your Modern UI and even your Win Store app. But IF you happen to lose your use of Modern UI due to other reasons (other than installing start menu modification app), there is solution for it.As I had on many occasion unable to acccess Modern UI after an "update" from MS or installing an app that causes a corruption of certain links and files (I dont know which ones)

Download and install this app :

1. Install it on your PC and Follow the instructions to reboot into "SAFE MODE" (the app will do it for you)
2. Go through the Steps by step analysis and repair (done by the app)
3. Finally after going through the steps and "REPAIR" and then set it to reboot automatically.
4. DONE!
The whole process might take up from 30minutes to 45minutes but the end result is a spanking new feel to your PC. Warning : Do Not run this app when your PC doesnt have any problems! There are cases where it might cause damage to your PC. If you dont have backup then it is your fault.


For those that has truble on their Win10 PC , please check whether you have the updated version of Win10 1511. If you DO NOT HAVE the 1511 update or always fails to update to the latest version of which is Win10 1511 March release. Please download the full ISO for that version and update. This is will give you are more stable Win10 versionwith new start menu and faster PC boot up.

Win10 1511 March 2016 update

January 30, 2016

MTK KitKat/Lollipop Full Language packs -89 languages & GPS

Install using TWRP or CWM

Full Western/Eastern European Language , Russian, Chinese China/Taiwan, Korean, Punjabi/Urdu, Vietnamese , Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia Filipinas, Full English language, Swahili, Arabic, Parsi ect., ect.

For A7-30 that has used my updated system files need not install this package.

This is a better settings for GPS on any MTK Devices (if not the best) it will get satellite lock in less than a minute  at 3-5 feet away from an open sky/window under a roof. But it cannot solve a hardware related problem! This is meant to IMPROVE the GPS tracking only not resolve a hardware problem..

GPS Settings for Europe/Asia

Taken about 4 feet away from window under a roof