November 26, 2018

HOM TOM HT70 R/W Internal Storage

Tested using 16000Mb test file size. Smaller file sizes should expect 130Mb or higher during write. The 80Mb perfomance is on the total size of 16000Mb file size it progressively slows as the file reaches the maximum size.

October 16, 2018


Regret buying Hom Tom phones. First if they released the phone on Nougat it will be stuck on Nougat with no hope of upgrade to Oreo or anything else upgrade or downgrade. Second the non removable batteries immediately after buying you are advised to buy a spare replacement battery immediately. Dont belief the reported battery life you should discount at least 40% from their official figures. The battery capacity reported is suspect to be st best 80% of its capacity.
Thirdly the camera sucks big time unless under ideal perfect condition which is in broad daylight. Under low light condition even in your house during day time your pictures will be grainy/ noisy. I can say with 100% confidence that my very old Lenovo S939 8Mega Pixel single lens camera beats Hom Tom multi mega pixel camera hands down in any condition. It probably uses cheap China CMOS camera that goes into toy cameras The second camera lens is for bokeh only but actually 99.99% of the time is non functional or is only a fake. I tried installing 3rd party cameras for nearly 2 weeks and found the best substitute camera app is only the MX Camera. It improves the picture quality but still dont see any benefit of the second or 3rd or 4th camera unless it combines all camera pixels into one composite pictures ( just imagine 30Mp + 16Mp+16Mp+12Mp! But you will never get that in a budget phone probably on high end Apples, Samsung etc)
I am not convinced about the 10,000mAh battery life as claimed I normally use the phone as my alternate "PC" writing blogs. That means I am nearly 9-10hours on the device intersperse with the PC by I normally start using at 7am and end at around midnite on the gadget. I normally would be at 20% at the end of the day. Even if on standby just sitting idle no in/out going calls within an hour the battery would already be at 98%.It is either my particular units battery issue or as many reviewers say the actual capacity is about 8,000mAh. But even at 8k mAh it is considered massive and should last at least 24 hours and a few days on standby.I am already thinking of buying a replacement battery.
Rooting is not a problem,I have done a complete instructions to rot and install TWRP.
My advise is to avoid Hom Tom, Leago, and other China budget brand which try to con you with their impressive on paper performance data! I bought HT70 because it is based on MTK SoC and I totally avoid anything else especially Qualcomm, Huawei Kirin, or Exynos. That is my opinion.

August 21, 2018

Ulephone ROMs - Power 3/S3


Ulephone Power 3/S3

 A word of advice - dont rush into buying a Chinese phone based on their battery capacity e.g Ulephone Power 5 - 13000mAh battery capacity. Wait for a tear down review from techno savvy users. Because there are models that listed their humungous battery capacity but when actual measurement was done it shows it is hardly even 55% of the listed capacity. Most budget priced phones with "dual main camera" usually the 2nd twin lens is only a sensor and make sure the camera when specified as auto focus is actually mechanical focus and not software focus.

July 28, 2018

Dual Camera Technology


The pioneer in Dual Camera technology for mobile devices is Corephotonics located in occupied Palestine (Israel).As this technology trend advances the many Mobile phones OEM like Sony, Samsung, Apple, LG, Oppo, ets embraced this technology as their leading edge advantage over their competitor. But there is much confusion as to the design and implementation by each OEM.
It is a evolution as the various OEM each have their own objective to their implementation. Some for combined higher resolution, some for separate wide angle and portrait lens, some for 3D effect, for night vision etc. the wish list goes on and on. Some are even implementing 4 camera lenses!

July 27, 2018

Bypass FRP for Android Devices 2017/2018 version

Samsung  Bypass FRP APKfrom Android Devices 2017

Complete tutorial for FRP Bypass process - must read!
App links included in the tutorial ( you will be transferred to other web site)

HOMTOM Mobile Phones

You can visit their support page to download most of their phones firmware.

In April 2018 HOMTOM introduced their master piece model the 6 inch phablet - HOMTOM HT70 Naugat ,MTK 6750T Octa Core powered ,with     4 Gb RAM and 64 Gb ROM.All this at a budget priced you can get it at a bargain of below  USD150 or even less. 
Too bad it doesnt come with Android Oreo. My personal preference is for phones with screen size of 6 inches to 7 inches (Lenovo Phab 2 comes to mind but it comes only with Marshmallow)
See my user experience on page later pages

HOM TOM HT70 6" 4/64GB Android Nougat

Instructions are given in PDF format that links to external sites (no ads) for suitable MTK drivers download and also copies of the apps that I used to successfully flash my phone. The "modified" firmware assembled from original Hom Tom source minus stock recovery and TWRP 3.11 inserted a modified boot loaders minus all the "**.verified" files that should remove additional unforseen problems that should arise during attempted flashing. P/S : you should be assured of a successful flash if your PC recognised the phone in fast adb mode.  


Note : Antutu  CPU Benchmark score for MT6750T are very poor compared to QualComm MSM 8996 or Exynos 8890, they average below 50% of those QualComm and Exynos.

S99 5.5" 4/64 Gb Android Oreo

These are samples of some interesting HomTom models.

Proper Combo SIM/SDCard tray installation (HT70 and other similar trays)

July 26, 2018

XIAOMI Tools (ver. 20170425) for Win x64

IBM/MS - DOS - Reminiscence

There was not always an MS-DOS from Microsoft, and it wasn’t even dubbed that at birth. The history is worth reviewing now that we in the Multitasking, multi threading, GUI Windows era.

Back in 1980, the ruling PC operating system was DigitalResearch’s CP/M for the z80 processor. Tim Patterson created Quick and Dirty Operating System (QDOS). This was a CP/M clone with a better file system for the processor of the day, the 8086. At the time, no one cared much.

Then, IBM decided to build an 8086-based PC. For this new computer, IBM needed to settle on programming languages and an operating system. It could get the languages from a small independent software vendor called Microsoft, but where could it get an operating system?
The then 25-year-old Bill Gates recommended to go straight to the source: CP/M’s creator and Digital Research founder, Gary Kildall but whether Kildall was really out flying for fun when IBM came by to strike a deal for CP/M for the x86 or not, he didn’t meet with IBM, and they didn’t strike a deal.
So IBM went back to Microsoft and asked it for help in finding an operating system. It just so happened that Paul Allen, Microsoft’s other co-founder, knew about QDOS. Microsoft subsequently bought QDOS for approximately $50,000 in 1981. Then, in short order, IBM made it one of the PC’s operating systems, Microsoft renamed QDOS to MS-DOS, and, crucially, it got IBM to agree that Microsoft could sell MS-DOS to other PC makers. 

That concession was the foundation on which Microsoft would build its empire.

May 22, 2018

Official Lenovo Share iT Download

The Official Lenovo Share iT links.

It is a puzzle why most Bloggers try to hide the official links and sent you either an outdated version or install a download app before the actual download is possible or a modified virus filled version. This app is not limited to just Lenovo models it is a universal app for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.
Been using this app since 2015 and it is indispensable on my PC to Android file transfers. 

You can just download it straight from the official sites

for all versions

May 4, 2018

Win10 April 1803 release

Download link for Win10 April 1803 release. It is a newer version after the last major update 1709. With improved UI and added features that you might feel as if minor and if you reinstall like I did  the Installation forces you to setup a PIN code apart from your usual password. But after reboot you are required to select log-in using PIN or Password. There is "Multitasking" options added.  Neater setting screens.Currently there is a July Cummulative update.

These are some of the visual differences, that I managed to capture after a clean install and during setup of my PC.

January 29, 2018

Win 10 Polaris Light Weight Core

Win10 is rumoured to be given an overhaul to replace most legacy 32 bit components. The new OS is dubbed Polaris which is loosely based on Win10 Mobile OS.