May 22, 2018

Official Lenovo Share iT Download

The Official Lenovo Share iT links.

It is a puzzle why most Bloggers try to hide the official links and sent you either an outdated version or install a download app before the actual download is possible or a modified virus filled version. This app is not limited to just Lenovo models it is a universal app for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.
Been using this app since 2015 and it is indispensable on my PC to Android file transfers. 

You can just download it straight from the official sites

for all versions

May 4, 2018

Win10 April 1803 release

Download link for Win10 April 1803 release. It is a newer version after the last major update 1709. With improved UI and added features that you might feel as if minor and if you reinstall like I did  the Installation forces you to setup a PIN code apart from your usual password. But after reboot you are required to select log-in using PIN or Password. There is "Multitasking" options added.  Neater setting screens.Currently there is a July Cummulative update.

These are some of the visual differences, that I managed to capture after a clean install and during setup of my PC.